Dr Julie Webb

Swyddog Ymchwil Ol-ddoethurol

Room: 108B Nuffield Fish Labs         Phone: 01248 383146

Email: j.webb@bangor.ac.uk

I am an applied marine biologist with experience in aquaculture research, specifically, development of innovative aquaculture systems for improved environmental sustainability.  Key research areas include offshore aquaculture of mussels and seaweed, co-location and turning waste into a resource through integration of mariponics in recirculating aquaculture systems.

I have a research masters from the University of Wales, Bangor in Marine biology (2005) and a PhD in applied marine biology (2012).  Both focussed on the role of the halophyte Salicornia europaea in constructed wetlands for treatment of wastewater from recirculating marine aquaculture systems.

As a researcher on numerous collaborative projects my work has focussed on the search for novel innovative processes and products. Examples of projects include; the agri-innovation project, MENTERRA, the pan European, ENVIROPHYTE, the A4B funded NISE project, the Ireland-Wales Irish Sea Portal Pilot (ISPP).  Project research themes include development of mariponics; engineering artificial wetlands planted with Salicornia for successful remediation of effluent from marine aquaculture whilst providing a viable commercial by-product. Exploring the commercial potential of key seaweed species for applications in the food and cosmetics industries. Developing offshore Irish Sea aquaculture systems for seaweed and bivalve production. Working closely with Irelands Seafood Development Agency (BIM) to deliver research beneficial to the shellfish industry and both sides of the Irish Sea.

Currently I am working on:

MOSSS (Menai Offshore Subsurface Shellfish Systems); a research and innovation project developing sustainable shellfish culture techniques with collaboration and support from the North Wales shellfish industry.

The Shellfish Centre  a research & innovation initiative supporting development of the shellfish sector in Wales.