Data Products

The data and images available on these pages are based on the output from the following numerical models:-

Wind data is derived from UK Meteorological Office Unified Model Output.

Gas Plume forecasts are made using the UCES atmospheric dispersion model ( A J Elliott and B Jones, 1997, Simulation of Gas Cloud Dispersion near the Coast of North Wales during December 29-30 1996, UCES Report U97-5, 23 pp).

Venting guideline and dilution table data are derived from the UCES boundary layer resolving atmospheric dispersion model ( B Jones, 1997, Gas venting guidelines for use at Offshore Installations, UCES Report U97-12, 31pp and B Jones, 1998, Venting Guideline Amendments, UCES Report U98-5, 21pp).

Tidal data and spill forecasts are made using the CAO dispersion model and associated databases ( A J Elliott, 1991, EUROSPILL: oceanographic processes and NW European shelf databases. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 22, 548-553).

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