Dr Peter Robins

Senior Lecturer in Physical Oceanography

Office location: Room 115, Marine Centre Wales, Menai Bridge

(Tel: 01248 383961)

Email:  p.robins@bangor.ac.uk

Author profiles: Google Scholar | Researchgate

I am a Senior Lecturer in Physical Oceanography at the School of Ocean Sciences. I was awarded my Degree in Physical Oceanography and Mathematics at Bangor University in 2003 and my Ph.D in 2008, where I investigated the internal tide in the Gareloch: a Scottish fjord. My postdoctoral and academic career has focused on physical modelling studies for Coastal and Estuarine processes including flooding, morphodynamics, water quality, marine renewable energy, biophysical larval transport, and climate change.

I develop computer models to simulate ocean processes, whether this is realistic representations of the past or future, or hypothetical scenarios such as a proposed coastal alteration like flood mitigation measures. I have studied estuaries at fine scales to understand their sensitivity to complex interactions of rivers, tides, surges and sea-level rise, and how these interactions control coastal flooding, plastic dispersal, water quality and human health. I develop methods to characterise the bio-physical dispersal of larvae to help understand population dynamics and aid fishery and shellfishery management. I am interested in characterising variabilities in tidal energy available for our exploitation as a renewable electricity source – and quantifying the likely environmental implications that this may have.