Dr Jonathan King

Reader in Marine Biology

Room: 210 Marine Centre Wales            Phone: 01248 383935

E-mail: j.w.king@bangor.ac.uk

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A trained ecologist, I completed my PhD on the regulation of food intake in fish whilst working in the commercial marine science and aquaculture research sectors. I joined CAMS in 2001 and have been Deputy Director since 2007. I was awarded a readership in 2017. 

My work is driven by the research needs of both the public and private sectors and is largely in the area of sustainable aquaculture and shellfisheries, particularly attempting to fill knowledge gaps that are hindering the development of the shellfish farming industry. Work has included studies of the distribution and potential impact of non-native aquaculture species, research supporting restocking of native species, development of hatchery techniques and trials of pilot-scale offshore systems. More recently I have become project manager of SEACAMS and SEACAMS 2, which has led to involvement in research in support of the marine renewables sector.

Research Areas

Marine Conservation and Resource Management

Marine Ecology