Survey & Instrumentation


Working closely with the marine geosciences division, the Survey & Instrumentation division specialises in the following areas of geotechnical surveying:

  • Seabed surveying and imaging using Reson multi-beam systems
  • Sub-seabed surveying using sub-bottom profiling systems (e.g. boomers)
  • Seabed grab and core sampling
  • Geotechnical testing of seabed materials

The group also lends support to the applied oceanography, applied marine biology and analytical chemistry divisions in the provision of technical skills and instrumentation for:

  • Coastal and marine survey (biological and physical parameters from chlorophyll concentrations to turbulence)
  • Field measurement of hydrodynamic parameters
  • Offshore site investigation
  • Deployment and recovery of specialist equipment in shallow water


NameCAMS RolePhoneEmail
Michael Roberts R&D Project Manager 01248 38 3966 michael.roberts
Katrien Van Landeghem Academic Associate 01248 38 8161 k.v.landeghem
Ben Powell Technician 01248 38 8694 b.powell
Peter Hughes Technician 01248 38 2584
Aled Owen Technician 01248 38 2590 ucs002