Applied Oceanography


The Applied Oceanography division specialises in fundamental and applied research of estuarine, nearshore and  shelf sea regions.


Topics of interest include:

  • High-resolution modelling of shelf and coastal processes.
  • Sediment transport and morphological processes.
  • Wave modelling and wave-current interactions.
  • Marine renewable energy - resource quantification and environmental impacts
  • Catchment, river and estuarine processes.
  • Coastal flooding and management.
  • Simulation of dispersion processes including biophysical modelling and  nutrient transport.
  • Seasonal, inter-annual and climatic variabilities.

The Centre receives funding from a range of sources including government departments, research councils, the EU and industry, and maintains a powerful network of workstations and has access to the sea going facilities of the School of Ocean Sciences.

Examples of research projects at the Applied Oceanography Division include:


For details of other projects undertaken by the Applied Oceanography Division please contact CAMS requesting further information.




NameCAMS RolePhoneEmail
Peter Robins Research Fellow 38 Peter Robins
Matthew Lewis Research Officer 38 Matthew Lewis
Sophie Ward Research Officer 38 Sophie Ward
Alan Davies Research Officer 38 Alan Davies
Sophie-Berenice Wilmes Research Officer 38 Sophie-Berenice Wilmes
Simon Neill Academic Lead 38 Simon Neill
David Bowers Academic Associate 38 David Bowers
Colin Jago SEACAMS Director 38 Colin Jago
Jonathan Malarkey Academic Associate 38 Jonathan Malarkey
John Simpson Academic Associate 38 John Simpson
Matthew Lewis Research Officer 38 Matthew Lewis