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Stuart Jenkins

CAMS Role: Academic Associate

Room: 404 Westbury Mount

Telephone: 01248 38 2896



I graduated in Zoology from Cambridge University in 1990 and undertook my PhD at Port Erin Marine Laboratory, University of Liverpool between 1991 and 1995. My PhD focused on plant-animal interactions on algal-dominated, sheltered rocky shores. I remained at Port Erin on the Isle of Man for a further 6 years, undertaking two post-doctoral research posts. The first, extended my interests in inter-tidal ecology over a European scale within the EUROROCK project, and the second, broadened my horizons to examine the impacts of demersal fishing techniques on benthic communities. In 2001 I was appointed a Research Fellow at the Marine Biological Association where I developed a research group in experimental benthic ecology. In 2007 I moved to the School of Ocean Sciences and in 2009 was appointed Reader in Marine Ecology. I was awarded a personal chair in October 2015.

Research Interests

I am an experimental benthic ecologist with interests in both rocky intertidal and sublittoral sedimentary habitats. My research in the past 10 years has focused on four main areas: 1) supply side ecology of benthic marine invertebrates using acorn barnacles as model organisms; 2) the consequences of biodiversity loss to the functioning of marine ecosystems; 3) the role of key herbivores in intertidal systems and the generality of their effects over large geographic scales; 4) anthropogenic impacts on benthic sedimentary communities. These areas are discussed in more detail on my personal home page:

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