Dr Nick Jones

Swyddog Ymchwil

Room: 104 Nuffield Laboratory     Phone: 01248 383754

E-mail: n.j.e.jones@bangor.ac.uk

I am a Researcher at the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences with a background in sclerochronology, molluscan biology, conservation and sustainable aquaculture.  In 1999 I completed a BSc in Marine Biology followed by an M.Sc in Shellfish Biology, Fisheries and Culture in 2000 from Bangor University. I was awarded a PhD from Bangor for my work on aspects of cephalopod biology in 2010.

During my time at Bangor I have worked on a number of collaborative research projects investigating growth records and geochemical signatures in the shells of the long-lived bivalves, in order to analyse past environmental conditions.  Furthermore, I have been involved in projects developing conservation and sustainable aquaculture rearing techniques for a number of temperate and tropical marine fish species.  Recent work has involved working alongside commercial mussel growers in order to develop sustainable seed collection and on-growing practices.

I have also worked as a Senior Aquarist at a public aquarium, a self-employed Aquatic Consultant, and as a Larval Room Superintendent at a commercial finfish hatchery.  Particular areas of interest include; sustainable aquaculture practices, animal welfare, aquaculture-based fisheries stock enhancement and conservation, sustainable resource management, aquaculture technologies, and in particular, the development of novel culture techniques for coral reef fish and invertebrate species.

Research Areas

Marine Conservation and Resource Management