Ms Karen Tuson

Project Manager

Room: 204 Marine Centre Wales

Phone: 01248 388078

E-mail: Twitter: @KarenTuson Profile: ResearchGate

I graduated in Conservation Management from Farnborough College of Technology in 1991, and with a BSc in Marine Biology from Bangor University in 1996. I then spent 15 years working in Public Aquaria as a Curator specialising in native seahorse husbandry, Hippocampus hippocampus.

Since 2013,  I have worked at Bangor University, as a Research Project Support Officer on ShellPathIrish Sea portal Pilot (ISPP),   BlueFish,   Shellfish Centre

I am still actively involved in public aquaria and have been a BIAZA Aquarium Working Group committee member now for over 10 years.